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Workers’ Compensation / Rehabilitation / Conditioning / Hardening

Workers CompensationAn injury on the job can affect more than just your body, it can affect your career. Many injuries that are experienced on the job require some level of physical therapy, and it is often routine procedure that after your first doctor’s visit you are referred to a physical therapy clinic for the appropriate level of rehabilitation. If an injury you have sustained while working interferes with your performance in the workplace, 4 Oaks Physical Therapy can develop a plan aimed at getting you back to work as quickly as possible.

Rehabilitation from a workers’ compensation-related injury, like all physical therapy, is most effective when both patient and therapists are equally committed to achieving results. Our approach to physical therapy keeps you motivated during the workers’ comp rehabilitation process with a friendly atmosphere and measurable improvements. We want you to feel better and experience improvement on your first day.

Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation – We Get You Back to Work

Our team at 4 Oaks Physical Therapy is here to provide you with the highest quality rehabilitation program that is tailored to your job. Our specialists review your specific needs and develop plans designed to lessen the amount of time that you are absent from work. We then provide a structured, but personalized workers’ comp physical therapy program that rehabilitates your injuries, but also ensures that you have a smooth transition back to work. Not only will they design the program, but they will keep a detailed record of your pain complaints, how well you can perform certain exercises, and how much you’ve progressed overall in our program.

Types of Work-Related Injuries We Treat

In our program we cover a wide range of services, from simple, but necessary, preventative safety measures all the way to intricate post-injury rehabilitation. We treat injuries of all types, but some of the more common injuries we see include:

  • Repetitive motion injuries, like back pain or carpal tunnel
  • Fall injuries, including sprains and broken bones
  • Overexertion injuries, including muscle strains and muscle/ligament tears

Tracking Your Progress for Workers’ Compensation Claims

The physical therapy team at 4 Oaks Physical Therapy works closely with your insurance company, or TPA (Third Party Administrator), to provide you with fast and useable medical care. We continuously assess your progress during physical therapy and actively communicate this progress to your current employer and your current insurance company. It’s important for us to have a relationship with your employer because we will be in contact with them for multiple weeks or even years depending on how serious your injury. A physical therapist will keep accurate and very detailed records on your pain complaints and progress, including your ability to perform certain exercises and how well you have progressed throughout the program. These details allow us to keep record of your progress and also help assess appropriate compensation.

4 Oaks Physical Therapy provides workers’ compensation rehabilitation programs for patients in the Baltimore-Washington area at all our locations. For more information, please contact us.