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4 Oaks Physical Therapy provides a full spectrum of physical therapy services for patients in the Baltimore-Washington area at our Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, and Prince George’s County locations.. We believe the best results are achieved when our patients stay motivated and inspired by the improvements they feel. We strive to make therapy sessions an enjoyable experience, with a warm, friendly atmosphere in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our expert therapists will develop a plan to help you achieve your goals and get back to your normal routine.

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Direct access laws in your state determine whether you can be treated by a physical therapist without a prescription.

Dry Needling

What is Trigger Point Dry Needling? Dry needling is a technique used to help patients with various issues. It is…
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Aquatic Therapy

What Is Aquatic Therapy? Aquatic therapy is a type of skilled therapy that involves performing exercises in a pool. Aquatic…
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Balance Training and Fall Prevention

Approximately one third of people over the age of 65 and almost half of the people over the age of…
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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness and loss of equilibrium arise in adults when their vestibular system is disrupted. The vestibular system is located in…
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Workers’ Comp Rehab

An injury on the job can affect more than just your body, it can affect your career. Many injuries that…
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Sports Medicine

If you’re an athlete and you’ve just been injured, your top priority is returning to the field as quickly as…
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Post-Concussion Care

Without proper post-concussion care some symptoms go unnoticed and continue to cause discomfort, Concussions can seriously alter your personality and…
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Post-Surgical Care

If you’ve undergone surgery, you’re likely experiencing pain, swelling, a loss of motion and bruising following the procedure. Sometimes your…
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Orthopedic Care

The word orthopedic stems from the Greek word orthos meaning “correct” or “straight.” The orthopedic care we give at 4…
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Real People, Real Testimonials.

Leanne Moorhead
12:30 31 Aug 23
Amazing place!!! Amazing peopleThe entire staff works together to make everything work for each individual clientI couldn't have found a better place for my rehabThey know what they are doingThey know each client by nameAnd so friendly ,atmosphereIs always greatThey show as much joy as me when I achieve a new goal so awesome. I truly feel blessed for their help
Yvette (Ms.v)
10:45 28 Aug 23
I just started last week. But everyone at 4 oaks is wonderful, pleasant attitude and want you to succeed in your recovery
Barbara Livieratos
14:04 18 Aug 23
The staff here was great. They cured my Plantar Fasciitis, and I will be forever grateful!
deborah welsh
13:36 08 Aug 23
I am a 71 year old female who came to 4 Oaks Physical Therapy in Glen Burnie with extreme pain due to sciatic nerve inflammation. I was unable to do most of my normal daily activities. Thanks to the dedicated and extremely knowledgeable staff, I am now back to my normal activities of daily life with little to no pain. I highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy services.
Ruth Rust Walker
13:32 01 Aug 23
sonja whitson
16:02 27 Jul 23
The therapist and support help are very professional, courteous, kind and helpful in taking care of your specific needs for healing! Everyone is doing an exemplary job in caring for me🤗
Dan Florenzo
19:51 26 Jul 23
I have been seen at 4 Oaks for more than 3 months. I am being seen for post surgery rotator cuff physical therapy. This is my second shoulder surgery (other shoulder) with follow on therapy so I have prior experience in order to compare and contrast. I find my therapist to be extremely competent, courteous and professional. She takes the time to answer my many questions with patience and a wealth of knowledge. She never rushes and provides me her undivided attention. Her manner, and competence provide me with confidence in my progress. Additionally, I also find the administrative staff to always be pleasant, helpful and professional. I definitely recommend 4 Oaks.
22:31 14 Jul 23
I've had a really positive experience here! My back is almost back to 100%, and everyone I've worked with has been amazing.
william welsh
22:25 14 Jul 23
I am a 73 year old male and I reported to 4 oaks Glen Burnie with a torn rotator cuff and a torn bicep. It was a long road but the entire staff took me under their wing and I am back to 100%. Thanks to the entire Monday / Wednesday crew for all of your help, kindness and patience. If you need physical therapy this is the place to go. Thanks again !
Taz Maestro
19:09 13 Jul 23
I’m very happy with everyone who help me with my recovery I wanna say that Jess was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable with everything I was leaning and it was a pleasure working with her very much suggested anyone who ever needs help comes to 4 oaks and work with Jess or anyone everyone are great and friendly people
a fyi
17:48 13 Jul 23
My Dr gave me a referral to here for pain when sitting. Unfortunately, before I could make an appointment, I broke my ankle at a festival! The referral came in handy anyway and I've been seeing the best PTA, Jess, since April or May. My ankle has improved significantly and continues to do so. We are still working on strength and stability but the staff here has noted and encouraged my improvement. Jess has been wonderful, caring and understanding. She's tough and pushes me, but fair, and reminds me why I *want* to keep pushing. I'm so grateful to her for working with me (and I friecking love when she pulls my joint out for some relief 🥴 if I'm ever rich enough to afford it, I want to hire her as a live-in physical therapist!). Her attentiveness and knowledge has made PT feel worthwhile even when it feels like a chore. Additional tanks go to the front desk workers as well as the helpful techs that have worked with me: Adrianna, Caroline, Rita, and Sarah. Thanks y'all! You rock! I hope to never need to see you again but if I do, I hope it's y'all. 🖤
Harriet Dunston-Johnson
16:26 13 Jul 23
I just want to say thank you to everyone at 4 Oaks Physical Therapy for the excellent and professional care that I'm receiving. So incredibly grateful for all that you do!
Samadhi Davis
18:40 12 Jul 23
Had my first surgery for a meniscus repair. The workers were extremely friendly, patient, and welcoming. They were eager to achieve my goals and consistent with making sure I met the stages of my protocol.. highly recommend!! :)
Natalia Giraldo
17:08 11 Jul 23
I recently had an outstanding experience at 4 Oaks PT Family in Columbia, MD. The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive from the moment I arrived. I want to give special praise to Jess, one of their skilled physical therapists. Her expertise and attention to detail were evident in every session. She listened closely to my concerns and tailored a personalized treatment plan. The entire team at 4 Oaks PT Family was professional and dedicated to my well-being. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of physical therapy.
Erick Parsell
14:50 29 Jun 23
A fantastic team if caring, considerate ,kind and patience with all they serve. I highly recommend this team for recovery and care!
Nikki Rutz
19:45 26 Jun 23
Knee replacements are painful and no fun. Recovery from one is all about hard work and can truly be a struggle. Going to Physical Therapy was not something I ever looked forward to. There were times when the pain seemed to be too much and I honestly wanted to quit. I forced myself to continue to go to every appointment because I knew that in the end it would be worth every pain filled moment. I have been proven right and I need to give credit where credit is due. Lisa, Jess, Emily and their helpers have been wonderful. Their knowledge, professionalism, kindness, understanding, well, there just aren't enough adjectives to describe the comfortable atmosphere where they work their magic. I have achieved great results from my visits. I highly recommend 4 Oaks to anyone needing Physical Therapy.
Andy McCoy
20:14 21 Jun 23
The best place to be recuperating from whatever ails you (3rd separate injury), love going there, except for what prompted the visits..
DrWilson jimmy
19:01 21 Jun 23
4 Oaks Physical Therapy, in Columbia MD, has an amazing Clinical Director and staff. I drive a little over an hour each week just to work with Dr. Lisa and her staff. This place is very professional and clean. The service and attention I have received cannot be expressed in words. Thank you for all the work you do. I am 100% better because of your expertise.Dr. Jimmy L. WilsonBrandywine MD
21:35 19 Jun 23
This is THE place to go for Physical Therapy. The Therapists are highly trained and offer precise and specific exercises to help you achieve your goals in PT. All the Therapists are great I'll give a shout out to Lisa and Jess as I have worked with them both. Lisa before and after knee surgery and also on balance. I also worked with Jess some on balance and also on a difference in my leg length. They are both awesome and they listen carefully and then go precisely about the task of making a program the works to achieve my goals.The staff is supportive and always cheerfull.It is always a pleasure coming here for Physical therapy. I would definitely recommend 4 OAKS to my friends and family.
Mb Last
17:14 19 Jun 23
I'm back! This is my third time working with 4 oaks, yes, different body parts... There's a reason I keep returning. Staff great and hands on! Thanks Jess and Lisa!
Maryann Huber
02:46 16 Jun 23
Everyone that works there are wonderful and friendly. They helped me learn exercises that definitely have helped me!!I highly recommend their facility.
Maria Fouts
12:07 14 Jun 23
Lisa and Caroline are an amazing dynamic duo. The treatment plan, progression they guided me thru were spot on with me gaining full mobility with my right shoulder/arm. My husband recommended Lisa after working with her for post knee replacement surgery. Best advice.
Samantha Attenborough
14:22 13 Jun 23
I've visited 4 Oaks for help with my neck and shoulders during both my pregnancies. Wonderful team-- very personable, professional and responsive. Special shout out to Jess who helped me a lot during this final trimester. She was wonderful!
Belle H
20:37 31 May 23
Such a fun and friendly staff! Thank you for working with me!
Victoria Ahmed Adesina
15:44 29 May 23
It was a good experience. Everyone was so professional from the Front desk to the Therapists who worked with us. Kelvin is so good with kids. He was so kind and gentle with my 19months old and helped her till she was able to walk perfectly.
Andy Sancomb
14:28 25 May 23
I had both knees replaced back to back a year apart. Recovery from any surgery is tough knee surgery is no different. The support I received from 4 Oaks and the staff made it possible for me to recover and get back to my everyday life feeling great. Lisa was a big reason I was able to do both knees so quickly, she gave me the confidence and support to get through the difficult recoveryI would encourage you to use 4 Oaks and Lisa to help you get the best out of yourself and your recovery.
Brianna Carter
23:38 24 May 23
My whole visit with 4 oaks is always a pleasure from the time i walk in and see Dorian smiling face until i leave , Kristen is always so welcoming , extremely helpful not only with trying to get my health back in order but I’m making her patients feel completely comfortable! I feel that I have even grown close to all Kristen , Dorian and Kennedy. They all help to make sure my visits are great , and are extremely understanding and accommodating considering I do not have the easiest work schedule. Ultimately at 4 oaks , they are geared towards you leaving them feeling much better than which you came.
Sherrie Friedman
15:14 24 May 23
This has been my 3rd time coming for various reasons. The staff is so amazingly friendly yet very knowledgeable. Kristen is my hero taking away all my aches and pains. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place.
20:37 19 May 23
This was my son's first time ever receiving physical therapy and the staff was so kind to my son. Lisa Dang the physical therapist has amazing bedside manners, kind, fun/funny,caring and compassionate, and very good with children. She is one of the main reasons this is 5 stars. She was phenomenal with my son so understanding and patient. She seems to love what she does and you can tell!! Caroline her assistant was so nice,fun, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the sessions when needed.She definitely was a joy to work with. JESSICA the front desk coordinator was always so friendly, helpful, nice, and great at her job as far as the appointments were considered and anything that made the sessions go smooth. I would definitely recommend sessions on the days these 3 are working truly makes the sessions so much more enjoyable! Thank you for everything ladies we appreciate you all!
Shane Wainwright
20:13 19 May 23
My ankle and knees had an issue and they helped me. Ms Lisa, Ms Jess, Coraline and everyone else was great! They encouraged me to do stretches and exercises and if I couldn't do them they adjusted and were very patient. The staff there is very nice. They walk you step by step and even have nice conversations with me. Overall it was great! And if you need physical therapy, you should go here!
Jamie Reese
20:22 18 May 23
Jess and Lisa do a fantastic job with physical therapy. They were attentive and knowledgeable in their field.
Bro. Marc Fleming
13:11 10 May 23
5 Stars – 4 Oaks Physical Therapy - Columbia MD provided outstanding services, instruction, and encouragement during my multiple-week treatment schedule. Lisa and the rest of the highly professional and knowledgeable therapists and staff know their craft. They take the time to assess your injury, listen to your concerns, develop a recovery plan, and guide you through every step. Their friendly and engaging manner will include your feedback to ensure you're in your recovery. They are Highly Recommended. If you find yourself in need of Physical Therapy services in the future, this is the place!
Catherine Bloedorn
19:55 12 Apr 23
I had to have PT on my neck and shoulder and they did a great job!
Wade Liebendorfer
18:27 10 Apr 23
This place provides quality physical therapy by therapists that are very knowledgeable and helpful. I will go back there the next time in need some P/T.
Beverly Duvall
00:32 09 Apr 23
4 Oaks PT in Glen Burnie helped me after my knee replacement surgery. They were wonderful! I had not been able to completely straighten or bend my knee for over twenty years I’ve worn braces. By the time I was finished PT, I could not only completely bend my knee and straighten my leg again but I could walk again. I got a pinched nerve in my neck the second week of my therapy from having to use a walker that tightened up all the muscles in my neck, shoulders, and arm on my left side. I couldn’t even use my left arm. The staff at 4 Oaks worked on that issue as well for me! I can’t thank them enough! I recommend 4 Oaks PT for everyone.
12:58 31 Mar 23
I was only at 4 oaks for around 5 - 6 weeks for my back, I couldn't sleep in my bed and had no back strength. I am now discharged with a proper solution to my problem, a great exercise plan, and a better understanding of my problem. These folks are wonderful.Tom was always adding new exercises into my routine to help push my recovery. he was always willing to answer questions, and he was always a fun guy to talk to.Stephanie was always so cheerful and willing to work on my back extra hard to get it stretched out and better, she even suggested I get a wedge for my bed and now I can't go back to sleep without one.Raph is a wonderful, fun loving, energetic young man with a great sense of humor who always challenged me to try higher weights and more reps, it was great (except the planks).Joe was always so eager to see everyone and always had a smile on his face, was always asking if I was doing ok, and was also just a fun person to be around.This group really was the best I could have hoped for and I never once felt judged by anyone in the building, it's a great atmosphere and I will miss them, they truly made a positive impact on my health and my life.THANKS TEAM!
21:55 30 Mar 23
Always able to work around my schedule. I like that that they were supportive without being cheerleaders. I had the same therapist through both cycles which meant a lot to me.I would definitely return to 4 Oaks if I ever need treatment again.
21:13 29 Mar 23
This place is great. Rebecca was very helpful and knowledgable. I went in for arthritis in my shoulder and after my treatments I feel much better. I highly recommend 4 oaks. Thanks for making my shoulder feel much better!
Casey Hartman
15:00 23 Mar 23
Not only is 4 Oaks a great place for physical therapy but the staff is so nice and positive. They make you feel comfortable. They made it fun too. You get to know everyone quick because of how friendly they are. I definitely recommend them to everyone.
Dottie Burns
12:40 09 Mar 23
Tom and Stephanie are great people, very knowledgeable and willing to explain everything to you. Very professional and friendly and they do everything they can to get you back to normal life without pain.
Maeve Mulholland
15:22 01 Mar 23
The therapists here are great--friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me this year and last with a recurring neck injury. It was a huge relief to be rid of the pain.
Teresa Clark
17:56 18 Feb 23
Stephanie was the best therapist. She encouraged me after my total knee replacement. With her help, I achieved optimum bend and function in my new knee!
Ron Hall
16:09 30 Dec 22
The best staff..... they work to address your needs and are always working to make the excersises interesting!
Katherine Witt
16:43 28 Nov 22
Fantastic service here! They are friendly, considerate of your goals, and work to help you achieve them. We all have a great time talking and laughing with the docs and assistants while we do the uncomfortable work of physical therapy.
Jonathan Schofield
23:06 19 Nov 22
4 Oaks gave me first class care following my ACL rupture, prehab, and recovery from surgery. Throughout my PT, Lisa led my therapy and provided first rate care, never seeming in a rush or distracted and always being sensitive to my needs and pushing me to safely progress and recover. I also saw Becca on occasion and she was also very competent and caring. Jess too provided good care. Overall I am very thankful for the care I received from the 4 Oaks team and would recommend them to anyone.
Roslyn Branchcomb
22:53 13 Nov 22
This team is the best in service, in patient care and most importantly in results.
David Nolte
19:04 02 Nov 22
Outstanding and professional folks on the staff. They really helped me rehab and work through my frozen shoulder. Highly recommend.
Linda Harris
15:23 13 Oct 22
I would absolutely recommend going to the Glen Burnie 4 Oaks office for your PT needs. After just a few visits there was a definite improvement in my pain level.
Louis Dukes
19:50 07 Sep 22
I had a great experience while recovering from my injury. The staff was knowledgeable and attentive to my needs.The staff worked with me to develop a recovery strategy that allowed me to regain some normalcy in my life. I am very appreciative to the staff at 4 Oaks for being dedicated and supportive during my recovery.
Tyler Trask
17:51 01 Sep 22
4 Oaks Physical Therapy is highly recommended. I had my concerns after receiving shoulder surgery if I would be able get my strength and range of motion back. 2 months post surgery and I have almost symmetrical range of motion with my other arm and is only getting better. Tom and Stephanie are very knowledgeable and make sure to take the time to explain everything. I always looked forward to my appointments and would feel looser and stronger by the end of it.
Kim Lowe
19:19 30 Aug 22
Tom and Stephanie are unsurpassed in their Knowledge and Expertise. I highly recommend 4 Oaks Glen Burnie. I was with them 1yr 2 months, my healing strength team!
Debbie Berg
17:50 24 Aug 22
They took good care in making sure I had the right exercises for my knee. They were very accommodating with the time slot I needed. Very friendly and personable staff.
15:56 19 Aug 22
I highly recommend 4 Oaks Physical Therapy. Stephanie and Tom changed my life. I have had chronic pain in my lower back and knee for a long time and they helped diagnose and treat my pain. I have been to several PTs in the past for a variety of issues, but never have I had such skilled and overall wonderful therapists. I really thought it was the end for me, but they helped me identify my goals and realize that there is a way to keep doing the things I love. Each session made me stronger, and I stopped waking up with pain. I did PT with Stephanie and Tom for two months and when I completed my PT they made sure that I had everything I need to maintain my progress. You really can't find a better place. The staff here is also wonderful.
Delcine Conway
21:52 15 Aug 22
I feel wonderful and that I have accomplished a lot with this office. This is my 3rd physical therapist office in the past 3 years after my accident. Everyone here is great and professional. I don't normally identify favorites when so many did such an awesome job. But i need you to give kudos to Dorian, Lala and Jaylan. The therapist that made the biggest breakthrough was Sarah. Her discussions and explanations of my condition and what I could realistically expect taught me a lot about how my body works and how I could benefit by using my muscles more effectively. I am excited about continuing my exercises on my own. Now i understand that every movement has a purpose for optimal health physically and mentally.
Tina Miller
18:45 01 Aug 22
Staff is very helpful and professional. My experience was excellent. Would highly recommend 4 Oaks for your Physical therapy needs.
Christy Dunlap
20:07 27 Jul 22
On March 19th, 2022 a freak accident caused me to have a dislocated kneecap, torn ACL, torn mcl and torn meniscus. I began physical therapy with Tom and Stephanie at 4 Oaks to try to avoid an almost unavoidable surgery! They are amazing! I went from wheelchair to walker to cane to now walking unassisted with no noticeable limp! Their patience, advice and encouragement allowed me to not need surgery and make a full recovery! I am forever grateful for their hard work to help me heal!!
Steven Hess
16:12 15 Jul 22
4 Oaks PT was recommended by my orthopedist after their own clinic did not have openings that met my timeline. I worked closely with 4 Oaks clinic manager Lisa Dang over the course of two months for a lower leg sports related injury. I had excellent treatment and the plan has gotten me back to 100% use again and I am ready to run. The staff overall couldn’t be nicer and the atmosphere is very professional and congenial. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a quality PT experience in a fun-filled family atmosphere.
Valerie Ferguson
01:12 15 Jul 22
To a person the team @ the 4 Oaks physical therapy Mountain Road location are exceptional. Their care and compassion make the therapy experience much easier. Special mention of Christine who is my primary therapist and has been amazing. Her creative approaches to my physical therapy needs have made a great difference. Thank you 4 Oaks team.
Ed DeGrange
15:31 06 Jun 22
Stephanie and Tom did a fantastic job helping me reduce my shoulder and neck pain. They were very thorough in their diagnostics and tuned the regimen at each session based on how I was progressing. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted partner for Physical Therapy.
Vicky Gardner
12:02 24 May 22
Great team of people who truly care about my rehab and well being. Happy tonhave found 4 Oaks..
Star Jacobs
18:08 23 May 22
I absolutely love these guys! Justin and Roosevelt! Never thought I'd ever see any kind of mobility in my ankle after my 10 months of non weight bearing and a massive surgery. They are miracle workers! All of the techs are caring and knowledgeable! The front desk personnel is fantastic too! Efficient and pleasant! Im gonna be a little said when they discharge me! 10 stars from me!!!!
Paulette Lundy
01:20 20 May 22
I am thoroughly satisfied and elated about my therapy at the Columbia office. The team is awesome from the first encounter when we called to schedule an appointment to the actual services. My physical therapist, Lisa Dang, is awesome. She listens intently and hears what you say and don’t say and understands exactly what you need to be well on your way to recovery. My dry needling and other PT is working tremendously. I have been suffering with so much pain since my knee replacement in 2018 and after my first appointment with her, I have experience significant improvement. I am sleeping, walking and standing with no pain. Even wearing heals again. I highly recommend this team and am so happy that I received a recommendation to try them.
Ray Simms
18:13 17 May 22
Lisa is. the. BEST. After over-exercising my back and legs, I couldn't drive for more than 30 minutes let alone train. She found the tight spots, and gave me the exercises to balance my body. The dry needling was intense, but it really helped. Highly recommended.
jones jones
17:24 13 May 22
I have been going to 4 Oaks for about 4.5 years. The therapists and techs are extremely nice and caring. They treat you like family and genuinely care about your wellbeing. They were constantly checking up on me during my numerous surgeries. I absolutely positively love going here for my therapy. Thank you for everything you guys do! I would highly recommend this place.
David Ryder
20:02 04 May 22
This is my second time using 4 Oaks and they were even better this time! My surgeon recommended them the first time and I am glad that he did. I went to the Columbia location and Lisa was my therapist. She was really great, she not only knew her therapy and was also concerned about your mental well being. I enjoyed my time with her and in some ways was sorry to see it end, but 5 months was enough! The entire team, including all of the assistants, were just great overall. At the end, Lisa went over exercises that I should do to strengthen my knee.
Bita Jenkins
17:15 26 Apr 22
AWESOME knowledgeable Physical Therapists, service, environment. Highly recommended.
Julie Hotopp
15:27 25 Apr 22
Becca and Lisa are both AWESOME!!! My last PT experience was truly awful. Becca was the exact opposite and just wanted I need to get the therapy I needed. I saw Lisa less often for dry needling, which I also really needed, and she was just as wonderful. It was great that they offer dry needling because it help so much (along with a lot of stretching and strength building). Becca also saw my teenage son who needed some stretching do to rapid growth that was causing injuries. She was great with him, and I really appreciate that he now understands when he needs to stretch and knows how to do it correctly. I've seen her with very little ones and very old ones, and she is wonderful with all, and everything in between. I couldn't be happier.
Laura Felts
11:58 22 Apr 22
The entire staff at 4 Oaks Physical Therapy goes above and beyond to help you recover. They take their time with you to make sure you understand the exercises. I am so appreciative of the care I have received. Would highly recommend them to anyone.
Patrick Finney II
21:42 15 Apr 22
Superior care from experts in their field! I couldn't ask for a better ot more friendly experience. From the beginning Tom and Stephanie helped put together a tailored plan for my recovery. They were sure to explain every exercise, as well as the reason behind it. I would definitely recommend 4 Oaks to anyone in need of physical therapy.
Jack Spencer
12:51 14 Apr 22
This was my second time with 4 Oaks. This time it was for a severely arthritic knee. When I started I chronic pain and had trouble navigating stairs. Most of the pain is gone now and stairs are much easier. My therapist was Rebecca. She is skilled but more importantly she listens and adapts the therapy to where you are at in the process. I definitely recommend 4 Oaks!
19:45 05 Apr 22
I am so grateful to the 4 Oaks PT crew at their Columbia location! I was able to achieve my personal goal of an injury free finish of a 1/2 marathon.The team was always cheerful and supportive even when the journey had its setbacks. I was always treated with respect and care was taken to help me do the exercises well so that I could carry that knowledge with me when I was doing them at home.The whole team sets out to help each individual who is under their care. I observed team members helping others on their recovery journey with the same care and expertise I was provided.I’m so glad I found 4 Oaks and highly recommend them
Magui Cardona
00:54 31 Mar 22
They are patient and listen to you. They work diligently to help you meet your goals to recovery and show genuine concern when things are not going well.
Marlene Bacchus
01:08 04 Mar 22
4 Oaks Physical Therapy is the best place I have ever been in Columbia, MD, and I have been to quite few other places. All the staff is professional, helpful, kind & you are not treated like another number. Lisa my therapist is amazing. She goes beyond the call of duty to help you feel better. Her knowledge, kindness and professionalism is absolutely wonderful.
Claire Krysiak
21:01 02 Mar 22
I was referred to 4 Oaks by my podiatrist for therapy of a foot injury. I loved my experience there. The location of their business was great as well. All of the staff were attentive, patient, helpful and caring. Tom and Stephanie were knowledgeable and took time to explain all aspects of my therapy and exercise routine. They listen to your concerns, constantly check in on your progress and are willing to push you when you need to do more. I will definitely recommend friends and family to seek help at 4 Oaks, Glen Burnie.
Krista Wallace
20:45 17 Feb 22
Highly recommend 4 Oaks! Great therapists there who truly care about you and your progress.
david w
15:58 16 Feb 22
I definitely recommend this place! Lisa was my primary therapist - she is amazing! I also was helped several times by the other therapists, Rebecca and Kelsey. Both are also very good and obviously know what they were doing. The entire team, including the assistants, were just great overall. I'm glad I feel better, but I actually miss going because they were all so friendly and made the healing process a pleasant experience.Besides the necessary procedures, Lisa taught me a whole range of home exercises that really help me, so now I have the tools for self maintenance. She accomplished in a few weeks what two different chiropractors couldn't figure out in over a year.And if you're interested in dry needling, call Lisa now! I was skeptical at first, had it done twice, now I'm a believer!
09:08 11 Feb 22
Columbia location. After my bilateral quadricep tendon repair, I turned to 4 Oaks to help get me back on my feet. I don't think I could have made a better choice. I was always greeted with a friendly voice (we were all masked - pandemic was in full swing). Lisa, Becca and Kelsey were always friendly and professional helping me progress from walking with a walker to being able to move almost completely independently. Heat, ice, differing exercises and techniques all made their way into my plan and I always felt like they were truly invested in my recovery. And when given a choice of therapists after a different injury, I returned to 4 Oaks without hesitation.
Olivia Gossweiler
02:39 26 Jan 22
I would absolutely recommend coming to the Glen Burnie 4 Oaks office for your PT needs. I worked with Stephanie and Tom while having severe back and neck issues for over a year and with their workout plan and guidance my pain is virtually gone and I have my life back. They take the utmost care of their patients with respect all the while being extremely knowledgeable on the human body and PT plans to help you achieve pain free living. The whole office is super nice and friendly, incredibly clean, and not overwhelming. They really are able to focus on you and help you understand the workouts and keep you on track.
William Dicus
17:02 07 Jan 22
My name is Ellen Dicus and before and after my knee surgery, I needed physical therapy. I chose 4 Oaks Physical Therapy at their Glen Burnie location and I am so glad I did. The staff is professional, kind, friendly and very, very helpful. I was in a lot of pain after the surgery, and I felt like giving up many times. But because of the patience and professional knowledge of everyone at 4 Oaks, I not only stuck with the program, but flourished. I highly recommend the Glen Burnie office of 4 Oaks Therapy. They really are the best.
Craig Vargo
22:13 26 Nov 21
I was very fortunate to have landed at 4 Oaks physical therapy in Glen Burnie after my rotator cuff surgery. The staff here were extremely knowledgeable about my condition and what needed to be done to get my mobility back. Not only did they provide me with the exercises and workouts needed to succeed, they helped me achieve my goals physically and mentally with their positive encouragement and friendly dispositions. I looked forward to every appointment knowing that by the time my session was over, I would feel one step closer to getting back to normal. I can’t thank them enough. Especially Stephanie, Jami, Natasha, Maddy, Jessica and of course Courtney at the front desk.
Shelley Schwartz
21:12 04 Nov 21
THE BEST!! Jeremy Wallick & Walt Auclair in Hunt Valley are great; they listen, spend time treating you and follow up on your progress. They truly care. After every PT visit my shoulder ( frozen) feels better. And they give helpful exercises to do at home. Clinic is clean, open, and spacious. Staff-super friendly, helpful, attentive and accommodating w/ scheduling. Conveniently located by York Road/ right off major highways. Highly recommend!
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