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Sports Medicine

Sports MedicineIf you’re an athlete and you’ve just been injured, your top priority is returning to the field as quickly as possible. At 4 Oaks Physical Therapy, we create sport-specific schedules designed to improve your performance and prevent injury. Sports medicine physical therapy consists of identifying, healing, and managing sports-related injuries with the safest and quickest recovery route in mind.  After undergoing sports medicine physical therapy with us, you will return to your sport at a more competent level than prior to your injury.

Types of Sports Medicine Injuries We Commonly Treat

When a sprinter sprains their ankle, a baseball player pulls a groin, or for most injuries that occur during any physical activity, the pain felt is caused by disrupted fibers in the affected area. Blood vessels that normally supply blood and oxygen to your tissues have been broken and that’s what causes the instant swelling and painful tissue in the surrounding areas. An acute injury results in severe and sudden pain, struggle to place weight on a limb, or the inability to move an affected part of your body. On the other hand, a chronic injury stems from the overuse of a particular part of your body over an extended period of time. When you’ve sustained a chronic injury, symptoms include soreness, an aching pain, and extreme discomfort during any physical activity.  This leads to the rigidity, aching, and inflammation that so often accompany the infection of tendinitis, bursitis, as well as strain and sprain injuries.

At 4 Oaks Physical Therapy, our therapists and athletic trainers are educated in how to manage sport injuries from the time they occur on the field, no matter how serious, through the rehabilitation process and then return you to your sport. Common sports injuries we treat include:

  • ACL tears and other knee injuries
  • Shoulder and throwing injuries
  • Foot and ankle injuries

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Improves Performance

Even if you aren’t injured and simply want to improve your athletic performance, we offer a wide range of sports medicine services including sports performance enhancement. The same knowledge and understanding of an athlete’s musculoskeletal structure that we use to treat injury can be used to maximize your athletic performance. We can help you avoid future injuries and improve your physical performance, including flexibility, strength and endurance.

4 Oaks Physical Therapy treats athletes with quality sports medicine therapy in the Baltimore-Washington area at all our locations. For more information, please contact us.