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Post-Concussion Care

Post ConcussionWithout proper post-concussion care some symptoms go unnoticed and continue to cause discomfort, Concussions can seriously alter your personality and emotional functioning due to changes in the brain structure. Physical therapy optimizes your ability to move and function, with the goal of helping you meet the demands of daily life with ease. At 4 Oaks Physical Therapy, we evaluate and treat your post-concussion problems in order to stop dizziness and improve your balance while also reducing headaches.

Why Is Physical Therapy Important After Sustaining a Concussion?

A qualified vestibular physical therapist can help provide you with the right exercises and training in order to reduce the symptoms that you endure after sustaining a concussion. The symptoms that arise after sustaining such an injury and the problems that they cause can vary greatly for each individual diagnosis; no two concussions are the same. Physical therapists can help evaluate and treat problems that can arise for each specific case in order to assess possible future issues or limitations.

Treatments Are Used To Alleviate Post-Concussion Symptoms

Dizziness and difficulty with balance are common side effects of a concussion that vestibular rehabilitation therapy can help.  The vestibular system has to do with the inner ear and how it connects to the brain. It is responsible for seemingly easy tasks, such as head movement or keeping your eyes focused, but its function can be disrupted with a concussion. A vestibular physical therapist is able to provide specific exercises or training to stop dizziness that will help you recover your balance after you have sustained a concussion.

Some forms of dizziness and headaches are caused by neck injures which are common with a concussion. Going to a physical therapist will help assess whether you have sustained a neck or spine injury during the concussion and will able to help you recover in faster and safer way.  There are many treatments which can be utilized such as soft tissue mobilization and exercise.

How does Post-Concussion Therapy Help Determine When to Return to Activity?

Symptoms of your concussion will improve and your physical therapist will help properly guide you back into physical activity. It is important to avoid too much physical activity too quickly as not to overload your nervous system and brain. Our therapists are specialists in sports medicine that can develop a program to gradually introduce physical activity and will help determine when it is safe for you to return to normal routine.

4 Oaks Physical Therapy treats post-concussion patients in the Baltimore-Washington area at all our locations. For more information, please contact us.